Bangladesh is a country of natural beauties. Bangladesh, officially it is known as People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a deltaic region of three mighty rivers the Ganges, the Brahamaputra and the Meghna. Much of the country’s land area has been built up from alluvial deposits brought down by the major rivers. The country is mostly flat except for a range of hills in the south-east. It is mainly characterized by wooded marshy lands and jungles with forest regions in Sylhet, Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarban Hill Tracts, Sundarbans, Mymensingh and Tangail. Bangladesh is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and friendly people.

From the 15th century, the Europeans, Namely, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British traders exerted an economic influence over the region. British political rule over the region began in 1757 A. D. when the last Muslim ruler of Bengal was defeated at Plessey. After the end of the British rule in 1947 the country was partitioned into India and Pakistan.

Present Bangladesh became the Eastern Wing of the then Pakistan. But the movement for autonomy for East Pakistan started within a couple of years because of linguistic and cultural difference and economic disparity between the two wings. The seeds of independence were sown through the Language Movement of 1952 to recognize Bangla as a state language. The then East Pakistan emerged as the sovereign and independent state of Bangladesh in 1971 after nine month long War of Liberation (starting on 26 March, 1971), under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in which 3 million people courted martyrdom.

At present, Bangladesh has achieved noticeable progress as evidenced by development indexes. We already achieved major goals of MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) and are considered top eleven countries in the world that has the highest possible growth as emerging markets. The dependency on foreign aid has been reduced dramatically since the last decade, and continuous rise in Human Development Index is observed. The current economic growth is expected to continue in foreseeable future.